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UofM Law School
Fall 2023 Bid Night

Kappa Alpha Pi is MSU's first co-ed, professional, pre-law fraternity. Founded in 2013 by a few passionate, driven students, KAPi focuses on its three pillars: professionalism, service, and brotherhood. As a Fraternity, we actively work to form a strong bond uniting students and teachers of the law with members of the Bench and Bar in a fraternal fellowship designed to advance the ideals of liberty and equal justice under law.

Our group's purpose is to provide service to the greater community and campus; to emphasize and promote a sense of brotherhood within the fraternity; and to foster an environment where each member can truly grow their knowledge of law, all while being surrounded by like-minded, ambitious people.



Honoring those who paved the path before us,

Steadfastly serving those around us,

And making progress for those to come.

Our Pillars

Members have the opportunity to attend many professional events throughout each semester. We host a multitude of events such as law school tours, professional speakers, career fairs, resumé workshops, LSAT prep classes, and much more.

Our members are passionate about giving back to the community, which makes service an integral part of our organization. We frequently volunteer at local organizations and events such as the Ingham County Animal Shelter, the Walk to End Alzheimer's, and Fleece & Thank You.

What unites us as a Fraternity is our brotherhood. Our unique bond ensures that we are always there for each other. We frequently host events that strengthen our bond of fraternalism, like movie nights, ice skating, formals, an annual Hayride, bowling, and much more.

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We love to hear from students interested in joining us, organizations looking to collaborate with us, or professionals interested in our organization!

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